World’s map ...
World’s map of painting techniques
Open call for the participation of artists teachers of the world
VI Week for Artistic Education (UNESCO 2017)

Artists and student groups can participate
Choose which country inspires you most and fill it using your painting technique freely
Each work will be on display individually and also a huge world’s map composed of all works together will be exposed
The exhibition will have 2 formats: virtual (portal www.esibit.com) and REAL (artterapi – Kyrenia/CYPRUS)
Send digital image of your artwork in A3 format (min.300dpi)
To send the IMAGE you must register in the web platform www.esibit.com => section inREDadas and then select from the official list of all the calls that you want to participate directly in the platform and REAL (indicate Room where it is planned to exhibit and the adress of the same)
Commissioner: Bahar Cirali